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Home Page Of Regional Rail Working Group - Rockway Subcommittee

Members of this group will open here after they log in.

Use this link to reach the Front Page

The Working Group has elevated permissions, like the aility to make new pages and edit any page. There are lots of other special functions available to you, including full use of the Forum.

New Users should click the MyTiki? Home link under the Menu at screen-left. Then click on the second icon at the top of the MyTiki? page - it looks like a wrench and screwdriver. Fill in your personal info, choose an avatar or upload your own picture - avatar pictures are 45px X 45px. Then make your home page - by clicking on the link for UserPageyourname?. Any questions send a message to admin by clicking the Message icon in MyTiki?, and choosing compose.

By the way, those little red question marks are how you make new wiki pages.

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