"Find a delicate balance between chaos and order," the ambitious goal of the Tiki developer community expressed in this, their extraordinary product, the latest version of Tikiwiki: state of the art “bleeding edge“ Internet groupware program. The press calls it, the Swiss Army knife of web based applications. An earlier version of Tiki (the 1.85 Stable) has been in test mode on the Rockaway Beach Line's organizational website for more then a year, and to our amazement, garnered some 3,000,000 page views; our new upgrade is the 1.93 production model.

In many ways, the Internet has become the new wilderness. Inviting anonymous masses to freely express themselves on our pages can, as we quickly discovered, lead to the proliferation of the stuff found on bathroom walls, detractions of little value in advancing the subject at hand. The outside world then is chaos, and order (in our opinion) is best achieved by the thoughtful organization of tools and resources for the exclusive use of homogeneous groups, calmly at work behind the professionally managed portal we freely offer to further the development of public transportation.

Along with the server change and software upgrade, the permissions structure of this website has been reworked, and the results posted at the image gallery. In general, anonymous visitors can view almost all the site, but can not post comments or write to wiki pages. Visitors who feel muted, can quickly and easily register, and in seconds receive permission by return email to write at the forum - free and open registration is now available, all that is needed to register is a working email address.

Registration in itself does not grant visitors the use of any resources on this website other then use of the forum, and permission to submit an article to the website moderators; (Permissions are in the form of links becoming visible or active in the folders on the left side of this website, on the site Menu.) The use of any and all site resources must be requisitioned in writing by sending an intra-site message to "admin" (intra-site messaging becomes available to all Registered users in their personal "My Tiki" section of this website.) The requisitioning process, a discovery dialog between user and site administrator to determine needs, limitations and commitments, is not a fixed bureaucratic format.