The meeting start time was 6:30PM, but that time is rush hour on Woodhaven Boulevard, which imposed delays, and people straggled in for the first hour. The preponderance of fume shrouded traffic in knots all along the Woodhaven-Crossbay? corridor is in itself a potent argument for reactivation of the Rockaway Beach Line. Starbucks closes the upstairs room at 8:00. Given the time constraints, discussion was to the point, lively and all too brief. Quite a few items were literally kicked around the table:is the rail right of way still intact? (we think so.) how is the transit line to be configured, LIRR, or MTA subway service, or both? (can't be both, everything, track, stations, rolling stock, all incompatible.)Cost factors? (little to salvage; track, stations, bridges and roadbed neglected for decades now in utter ruin.)What about the one-seat airport ride? (yeah, what about it?)Manhattan or Bust? or Crosstown Service (Ocean to Sound?) or Short Spur? (the take what we can get plan?) or Part of a Regional Rail plan? (NY NJ)Political support. (Who's for? Against? Could care less?Let's find a place to meet again (with start time 7:30 and no bum's rush.)More to come . . . .--joseph tiraco